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Draft minutes for 2009-06-24 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Thursday, 25 June)

Updated list of action items 2009-06-24 Nick Van den Bleeken (Thursday, 25 June)

Dialog's and relevance Nick Van den Bleeken (Thursday, 25 June)

Possible submission improvements for XForms 1.2 Nick Van den Bleeken (Wednesday, 24 June)

TELECON AGENDA - 24 Jun 2009 John Boyer (Tuesday, 23 June)

What about July 9 instead of July 2? John Boyer (Tuesday, 23 June)

Leaving early for tomorrow's teleconference Klotz, Leigh (Tuesday, 23 June)

Re: Problem with Test Cases 8.2.4.a, 8.2.4.b, 8.2.4.c Erik Bruchez (Tuesday, 23 June)

Re: type in test case 8.2.3.b Erik Bruchez (Tuesday, 23 June)

Some questions about dialogs Nick Van den Bleeken (Friday, 19 June)

Custom event context information Erik Bruchez (Thursday, 18 June)

case() Function Nick Van den Bleeken (Thursday, 18 June)

Draft agenda pages for 25 June and 2 July vFtF days John Boyer (Wednesday, 17 June)

vFtF AGENDA: 18 June 2009 John Boyer (Wednesday, 17 June)

Draft minutes for 2009-06-17 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 17 June)

TELECON AGENDA - 17 June 2009 John Boyer (Tuesday, 16 June)

[ExternalModel, NestedModel] Why not include with @id, @src and @ref? John Boyer (Monday, 15 June)

FYI, XForms 1.1 PR updated John Boyer (Monday, 15 June)

4 Actions done John Boyer (Monday, 15 June)

XPath 2.0 in XForms Nick Van den Bleeken (Monday, 15 June)

Node Creation XPath Functions Nick Van den Bleeken (Monday, 15 June)

Updated list of action items 2009-06-15 Nick Van den Bleeken (Monday, 15 June)

@if and @src Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Thursday, 11 June)

Re: Proposed clarification of what constitutes the provision of inline content of the xforms instance Vlad Trakhtenberg (Thursday, 11 June)

Re: XForms 1.1 - repeat relevance & editorial tweaks. John Boyer (Thursday, 11 June)

Updated list of action items 2009-06-10 Nick Van den Bleeken (Thursday, 11 June)

Meaty and Exciting Agenda for 11 June 2009 vFtF Day John Boyer (Thursday, 11 June)

[FYI] Ample SDK Ulrich Nicolas Lissé (Wednesday, 10 June)

Draft minutes for 2009-06-10 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 10 June)

TELECON AGENDA - 10 June 2009 John Boyer (Wednesday, 10 June)

RNG Schema for XForms 1.1 Klotz, Leigh (Tuesday, 9 June)

8 actions John Boyer (Tuesday, 9 June)

[FutureFeatures] Data-drive switch element John Boyer (Tuesday, 9 June)

FW: [Chiba-users] new feature: loading subforms Klotz, Leigh (Tuesday, 9 June)

[XForms 2] New feature - external models T.V Raman (Monday, 8 June)

Minutes of 04 June 2009 Virtual Face to Face Meeting Day John Boyer (Friday, 5 June)

Updated version of the cross-implementation report for the XForms 1.1 test suite Nick Van den Bleeken (Thursday, 4 June)

Updated XForms 1.1 PR document ready John Boyer (Thursday, 4 June)

Re: Some parts of the test suite are not XHTML Ulrich Nicolas Lissé (Wednesday, 3 June)

Draft minutes for 2009-06-03 Leigh L. Klotz, Jr. (Wednesday, 3 June)

TELECON AGENDA: 03 Jun 2009 John Boyer (Wednesday, 3 June)

Re: XForms 1.1 - target of the xforms-delete event John Boyer (Tuesday, 2 June)

Announcing Orbeon Forms 3.7.1 Erik Bruchez (Tuesday, 2 June)

A few test changes for Ch. 4 test suite John Boyer (Tuesday, 2 June)

Re: Modification of upload handling on multipart submissions also seems unnecessary Erik Bruchez (Monday, 1 June)

This Wednesday telecon: Decision pending on XForms 1.1 advancement to PR John Boyer (Monday, 1 June)

Updating the cross-implementation report John Boyer (Monday, 1 June)

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