[XForms 2] New feature - external models

When we do this, we should also use the opportunity to finally
enable other model-specification langaugaes languages such  ---
explicitly --- break the dependency with XML Schema so we can
move forward along the functionality axis.

Steven Pemberton writes:
 > Kicking off the future version discussion. Here is the first of the  
 > features I would like to see.
 > External models
 > 	<model id="tax" src="taxes.xml" />
 > This is above all useful for making several forms for editing a model, so  
 > that you don't have to keep updating the models all over the place as the  
 > details change. Binds can be used to shield the forms from internal model  
 > changes.
 > I'm not sure that much has to change to support this, though we need to  
 > explicitely address the question of whether it is still ok that @bind is  
 > an idref
 > 	<input model="tax" bind="income">...
 > Maybe in XForms 2, we could change the use of IDREF into something else,  
 > so that we are not restricted in the same way as we have been (thereby  
 > making the switch in repeat problem go away).
 > Steven

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