Re: A few test changes for Ch. 4 test suite

The test 4.2.2.c2 has the relative link to the css.  The test with the 
absolute link is 4.2.4.a.
It is unclear why the absolute link isn't working that well in IE.  It may 
be the special handling that the W3 gives to the parent directory, which 
IE doesn't respond to as well as FF3.  But the relative link is better in 
any case, so not investigating further.

In the test 4.5.1.a, the suggestion to move the binding exception message 
from the head into the model should actually be a suggestion to move it 
into the submission so we can be sure that the exception is being 
dispatched to the correct element.

I've made the changes to the four tests on my local cvs replica, but will 
wait to commit until discussed tomorrow.


John Boyer/CanWest/IBM@IBMCA
06/02/2009 07:20 AM
A few test changes for Ch. 4 test suite

4.2.2.c2 - change absolute css link to the following relative link 
<link rel="stylesheet" href="../../../driverPages/forms/TestSuite11.css" 

4.4.2.a - fix event('deleted-nodes')/date and fix label: You must see the 
value "2006-01-01" : 2006-12-25 

4.5.1.a4 - another occurrence of message in head that should be moved into 

4.4.21.a - should be deleted because it was moved to 4.5.5. 

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Received on Tuesday, 2 June 2009 17:04:49 UTC