What about July 9 instead of July 2?

Dear Forms team,

The last of our summer virtual FtF meeting days is July 2. 
According to the summer absence calendar, Leigh and Kenneth will be unable 
to make that day.

I could not help but notice there are zero absences for the July 8 
telecon, and this got me wondering if we would have higher attendance if 
the July 2 meeting were moved to July 9 (same time and duration, but one 
week later).

First question is whether Leigh and/or Kenneth could make it on July 9.

Second question is whether we would lose anybody else.

If there's no net gain (or if there is a loss), then we can leave it where 
it is, but if we can get everyone on July 9, then it makes sense to move 
the meeting.

I'd like to discuss briefly on tomorrow's telecon, but I'm also sending 
this email in case you can't make that and/or if you want to respond 

Either way, here is the proposed agenda for that day:

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