Announcing Orbeon Forms 3.7.1


We are glad to announce that Orbeon Forms 3.7.1 is now available for

Orbeon Forms 3.7.1 includes over 400 improvements since version 3.6,

* New Form Builder preview. Orbeon Form Builder is the visual form
   designer which allows you to build and deploy forms in minutes right
   from your web browser.

* Form Runner. Form Runner is the Orbeon Forms runtime environment,
   which manages form definitions and form data, handles search,
   validation, and takes care of the plumbing necessary to capture,
   save, import and export form data.

* Noscript mode. The "noscript mode" provides enhanced accessibility
   for certain screen readers and allows you to target browser that
   have JavaScript disabled.

* Enhanced user interface controls. Improvements include reusable
   components based on XBL 2, improved date and time controls, and much

* Enhanced XForms 1.1 support. Standards matter to us and we continue
   to improve our support for the XForms 1.1 specification.

* Bug-fixes, performance, and stability improvements. As always, we
   are working hard on making Orbeon Forms a robust platform!

For more details on these changes and more, please see the full list
of changes:

Also visit our online examples, which include the preview of Orbeon
Forms Builder:

Please report problems with this build to the mailing-list:


-Erik & the Orbeon team

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Received on Tuesday, 2 June 2009 18:28:34 UTC