Re: TELECON AGENDA - 10 June 2009

I hope to be only 15 min late to the call today...thanks, Charlie

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 From: John Boyer <>
 Date: 06/10/2009 12:23 AM
  Subject: TELECON AGENDA - 10 June 2009
 Regrets so far: Charlie, Nick
Start Time: 10:45am Eastern US (15:45Z, except 14:45Z during US DST)
Duration: 90 minutes

Previous minutes:
IRC supplement:

Virtual face to face:

Minute takers rotation list, when not done by Leigh:
Steven, Erik, MarkB, Ulrich/Sebastian, Charlie, Kenneth, Nick

Raman?, Susan?, Rafael/Rogelio?

* = be ready to discuss
+ = discuss time permitting

Reports, Etc.
Upcoming telecons

* XForms 1.1
- Implementation report progress/completion tasks (below)

Next FtF
Summer regrets:

The Forms Newsletter/News items

XForms Basic 1.0, 1.1

Rich Web Application Backplane

Action Items
Action Item List:

Administrative Issues
Fix our shortname issue

W3C Spec matrix
- Discussed on Nov. 26, 2008

* XForms 1.1 Issues
- Advancement to PR

- dispatch with delay question

- case element documentation and schema

- RNG schema

- Forward links on selected submission attributes?

Advancing XForms for HTML
- Assertions
- Examples
- Test Suite

- Rationalization of XForms for HTML, RDFa, and ARIA

* Forms Rechartering Discussion
Do we recharter as the Forms working group or do we need a name change?
e.g. the Content Intensive Applications (CIA) working group

Backplane concepts seem to form one pillar of support for the continued
It is focused on integration of components and markups "on the glass"

A second pillar seems to be aggregate applications, i.e. applications
of multiple web pages or multiple users working in collaboration to create
content that drives a business process or workflow

A third pillar seems to be application of XForms to broader client
including XForms for documents and XForms for HTML.

A fourth pillar seems to be extensibility for authors, e.g. components,
custom xpath functions, custom actions, custom model item properties,
custom behaviors through XBL, better DOM interface, JSON, ...

A fifth pillar seems to be Architectural and Language Advancement, e.g.
- generalization of the component technologies
  e.g. schema engine, xpath engine, XML Events 2
- generalization of commonly used patterns into higher-order declarative
  e.g. repeat patterns, wizard patterns, default trigger, dialog
- generalization of processing and event lifecycles
  e.g. multiple constraints per node, structural calculates, UI events
       consolidated recalculate/revalidate, automatic rebuild detection,
- incremental refinements of existing features

The existing working group members have varied interests that span these
thematic clusters.

We need to discuss what of this could go into a new charter,
whether to recharter as Forms or under a new name,
what spec(s) will form the deliverables,
and how/when do we make a call for membership/interest in participating?

* XForms Future Features

Recently Appearing on the List:

- External models, partial models
  Via src:
  Via XInclude:
  Requirements-based solution:
  Loading subforms:

- Data-driven switch

- Alternative schema engines


[[Magic for irc channel:

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zakim, this will be forms
/invite rrsagent
rrsagent, make log public

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ACTION: <someone> to <something>

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*** AT THE END OF THE CALL, rrsagent will list the actions by typing

*** Zakim will announce who was present by typing
zakim, bye

*** rrsagent dismissal
rrsagent, make minutes
rrsagent, bye

*** If someone by chance dismisses rrsagent before the minutes
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