Updated XForms 1.1 PR document ready

Dear Forms WG,

The editor's copy of XForms 1.1 available from our home page has been 
updated and is ready for the group to consider resolving to request 
advancement to PR.

Two changes were made:

1) There is now an additional sentence in the delete action to indicate 
that its behavior is undefined when the nodeset binds to multiple 
instances, per working group discussion today.

2) I made a mind-numbing pass through the document to change all 
occurences of the word "optional" to "author-optional" (with some 
grammatical tweaks as needed on a case-by-case basis) when we meant to 
imply that the element, attribute or function parameter had a default and 
did not need to be expressed by an author.  In the introduction, I added 
an explanation about this new term and how it differs from the use of 
optional where we mean optional to implement.  About a week ago I was 
reading the specification for the digest() function and realized that the 
way we had indicated author optional content conflicted with how the spec 
claimed to use the word optional in the intro, and I bit the bullet today 
to fix it. 

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Received on Thursday, 4 June 2009 00:34:21 UTC