Re: Node Creation XPath Functions

>> One thing needs to be precised: when writing xf:element("foobar"), is
>> the default namespace used or not?
> I changed the text for resolving the namespaces of the qualified  
> names to: "If the qualified name is not of type xs:QName the  
> namespace of the element is resolved using the in-scope namespaces  
> (the in-scope default namespace is used for qualified  names that  
> are unprefixed)"

I think this makes sense given that XSLT and XQuery do this too:

   "If the namespace attribute is not present then the QName is  
expanded into an expanded-QName using the namespace declarations in  
effect for the xsl:element element, including any default namespace  
declaration." [1]


   "If the element name has no namespace prefix, it is implicitly  
qualified by the default element/type namespace."



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Received on Thursday, 18 June 2009 19:28:03 UTC