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Mercurial repository and the resources subrepository Linss, Peter (Monday, 30 March)

Things or issues which should be sorted out in CSS test repository Gérard Talbot (Sunday, 29 March)

testharness.js in CSS test repositry Koji Ishii (Sunday, 29 March)

Downgrading "may" tests fantasai (Saturday, 28 March)

Getting full history of a file fantasai (Saturday, 28 March)

Browser detection for shepherd/css test runner Christian Biesinger (Friday, 27 March)

[css-writing-modes-3] 3 additional background-position tests Gérard Talbot (Friday, 27 March)

[css-writing-modes-3] 4 interactive DHTML demos on background-position, height and width of document root element and writing-modes Gérard Talbot (Thursday, 26 March)

[css-flexbox] Fix for flex-margin-no-collapse.html Christian Biesinger (Thursday, 26 March)

How to create generated test files? Koji Ishii (Wednesday, 25 March)

[css3-ui] basic image cursor tests updated Chris Lilley (Tuesday, 24 March)

[css3-ui] cursor image format tests Chris Lilley (Monday, 23 March)

[css-writing-modes-3] 4 tests on box offsets and position relative Gérard Talbot (Sunday, 22 March)

[css-writing-modes-3] 4 tests on <hr> element Gérard Talbot (Wednesday, 18 March)

[css-writing-modes-3] 4 tests on resolving 'height: auto' in orthogonal flow (§ 7.3.1) Gérard Talbot (Monday, 9 March)

[css-writing-modes-3] 54 new tests on float, clear and clearance; 9 reference files and 14 /support images Gérard Talbot (Monday, 9 March)

[css-writing-modes-3] 96 abs-pos-non-replaced tests submitted Gérard Talbot (Monday, 2 March)

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