Re: [css3-ui] cursor image format tests

>>> On 23 Mar 2015, at 18:10, Florian Rivoal <> wrote:
>>>> E) I have not yet written tests for hotspot position (apart from
>>>> merely parsing the values in the CSS), but plan to.
>>> That would be very useful, especially with regards to clamping.
>> Also, this little sentence opens up for a bunch more tests (with "may" in the meta flags):
>> "Agents may, instead of <url>, support <image> which is a superset."
> Before doing so, is there any data on current implementations which
> actually implement that optional behaviour? (I know, the best way to
> determine that would be from test results, which needs approved tests,
> which needs ...)
>> - cursors with gradients
>> - cursors with image-set()
>> - cursors with cross-fade()
>> - cursors with image()
>> Of course, just because you've been nice enough to write a bunch of
>> tests for cursor doesn't mean that you have to write all the
>> remaining tests for cursor, but if you feel like doing more, that
>> could be worth looking into.
> :)
> If no browsers currently support that, I would assign a low priority.
> If one browser is supporting it, or has said that they are working on
> it, then it would have a higher priority.
> If two or more are, then the spec should up that to a "should".

I have not run tests on that topic, but I don't think there is much support. However,
I know that at least one vendor (either webkit or blink, might have been both)
had indicated interest in at least adding support for image-set().

 - Florian

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