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Le 2015-03-23 13:10, Florian Rivoal a écrit :
>> On 23 Mar 2015, at 17:01, Chris Lilley <> wrote:
>> Hello Public-css-testsuite,
> Hello Chris,

> 5) Rather than "<p class="test"> </p>", I'd suggest marking this part
> up as "<div class="test"> </div>". This is not a paragraph.

I suggest just a <div></div> since there is no associated reference in 
the test.

>> 009   PNG image with css-supplied hotspot, relative URL, no fallback.
> This test is incorrect. Per the spec's grammar, a fallback is
> required. You should change the description of the test to: "The test
> passes if, when moved inside the pale green rectangle, the cursor does
> not change", include "invalid" in <meta name="flags" content, and
> change the assertion to "Test checks that a fallback cursor is
> required."

We already have a test on this:

>> B) One test is exploratory, an SVG cursor where the SVG has a viewBox 
>> but
>> no hardcoded width and height. CSS3-UI does not say what to expect in
>> this case.
> Aren't you covered by this (found in
>, under the definition of the
> <url> value):
> "The default object size for cursor images is a UA-defined size that
> should be based on the size of a typical cursor on the UA’s operating
> system.
> The concrete object size is determined using the default sizing
> algorithm. If an operating system is incapable of rendering a cursor
> above a given size, cursors larger than that size must be shrunk to
> within the OS-supported size bounds, while maintaining the cursor
> image’s intrinsic ratio, if any."
> This definition makes it UA dependent, but it shouldn't be undefined.

In this test,

we have added the "possibly scaled-down" text to cover this "shrunk to
within the OS-supported size bounds" possibility.

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