Re: [css3-ui] cursor image format tests

Le 2015-03-23 12:01, Chris Lilley a écrit :
> Hello Public-css-testsuite,
> Spurred on by recent discussions around mandated image formats for the
> CSS cursor property, I have submitted some tests.
> A) cursor-image-001.html to cursor-image-009.html are basic tests just 
> to
> have a quick look at image format support for cursors:
> 001   PNG image with css-supplied hotspot, relative URL.
> 002   PNG image with css-supplied hotspot, absolute URL.
> 003   ICO cursor with its own hotspot, relative URL.
> 004   CUR cursor with its own hotspot, relative URL.
> 005   SVG cursor with CSS-supplied hotspot, relative URL.
> 006   ANI cursor with its own hotspot, relative URL.
> 007   Compressed (SVGZ) cursor with CSS-supplied hotspot, relative URL.
> 008   Non-existent image with CSS-supplied hotspot, relative URL, and
> help cursor fallback
> 009   PNG image with css-supplied hotspot, relative URL, no fallback.


We want tests to be using simple language, simple vocabulary so that 
ordinary people (your mother, my neighbour, children, grandparents who 
never had a personal computer) could take the tests and enter results. 
So, words/expressions like "cursor" (some people think that a cursor is 
the blinking white underscore-looking thing in black background text 
environment ... which is also true!), PNG, "css-supplied hotspot", 
"absolute URL", etc... should not be seen by people taking tests. But 
they should be in the text assert and/or in comments in the test or in 
<title> text.

pale green: there is no reason to have a background-color here

width set to 8em: why not just let it be 'auto'?

why not just a black border instead of #555?

Here's a test that couldn't make it before RC6 in 2011 and that I forgot 
to submit:

You could create different "PASS" cursors (same look, same colors) in 
different formats; that way, people would even be able to anticipate 
expected results in a serie of tests.

The kind of tests - ideally - you want to create as a test author are 
tests where people do not have to think.

Other points:

5- Absolute URL (outside, different domain name you 
will need to get Peter Linss approval on this... as I am not sure this 
is okay

6- The fallback cursor should be 'auto' and not 'help' in those cursor 

7- I think you should be testing sweet spot or hot spot in distinct 
tests, in separate tests from various image format.

8- Like Florian wrote, BOM-UTF-8 should be added, image flag should be 

9- Just a <div> instead of <p class="test">. Class is for logical 
grouping of various elements; id is for a document-unique element. We 
suggest to use <div id="test"> when the test includes a correspondent, 
associated reference (div id="reference"). Here, your tests do not have 
such correspondent, associated reference. So, there is no need to add an 
id attribute. Just a <div></div> is good enough.

10- 006   ANI cursor: we already have cursor .ani test in CSS 2.1 test 

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