Re: testharness.js in CSS test repositry

On Mar 29, 2015, at 2:49 AM, Koji Ishii <> wrote:

> I found 3 copies of testharness.js and testharnessreport.js:
> ./work-in-progress/ttwf_bj/Chris/testharness.js
> ./work-in-progress/ttwf_bj/Chris/testharnessreport.js
> ./work-in-progress/ttwf_shenzen/loutongbing/testharness.css
> ./work-in-progress/ttwf_shenzen/loutongbing/testharness.js
> ./work-in-progress/ttwf_shenzen/loutongbing/testharnessreport.js
> ./work-in-progress/ttwf_tokyo/resources/testharness.css
> ./work-in-progress/ttwf_tokyo/resources/testharness.js
> ./work-in-progress/ttwf_tokyo/resources/testharnessreport.js
> Could we have one? Should that be in “support” directory?

None of these should be in the repo at all. The testharness.js files are in their own repository at:

I have removed them.

The testharness.js repository should automatically be installed into your clone of the test repository in the 'resources' directory. (Mercurial users will see it the next time they pull and update, NOTE: you need to be using mercurial version 1.8 or later for this to work.)

If you're using a git clone of the css-test repository and the 'resources' directory is empty, then you need to init the submodules by running the following command in the root of your repository:
git submodule update --init --recursive


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