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Le 2015-03-23 16:46, Florian Rivoal a écrit :
>> On 23 Mar 2015, at 20:43, Gérard Talbot <> 
>> wrote:
> Hi Gérard,
> (Snipping the points I am not replying to)
>> 2-
>> pale green: there is no reason to have a background-color here
> Having a colored box makes it really obvious what you talk about when
> you mention it in the test instructions, no?

It depends on the test. In the tests I was referring to, the pass 
conditions (presence/display of sheep in a rectangular area) did not 
require a background colored box.

> You can do it with just a
> border, but color seems more obvious to me.

In some tests - not necessarly cursor tests - , you will want to paint a 
rectangular area to increase ease and clarity of checking pass-fail 
conditions of a test. In many basic cursor tests, where you only check 
if cursor image appears, you do not need to a background colored box.

I think a bordered box is sufficient.

In a few other cursor-image-png-* tests, you need a background-colored 
area to ease checking of pass conditions by maximizing background versus 
color contrast.

> On the other hand, using green is probably a bad idea, as it may
> suggest to a tired person who's been through a whole bunch of tests
> already that the test passes, even though that's not what they're
> supposed to be checking.
>> Here's a test that couldn't make it before RC6 in 2011 and that I 
>> forgot to submit:
>> You could create different "PASS" cursors (same look, same colors) in 
>> different formats; that way, people would even be able to anticipate 
>> expected results in a serie of tests.
> While I like the sheep a lot, I agree that the green box with the word
> PASS in it is more reliable.

It's more obvious, clear, no need to think. The tester sees "PASS", then 
he/she clickes the PASS button. We have a fail cursor too:

for the same reasons.

> If the image gets garbled (and I've seen
> cursors in some formats get garbled in some browsers), you don't want
> the tester to have to spend time wondering whether the fuzzy mess
> they're looking at is what the test author meant by "a sheep".
>> 6- The fallback cursor should be 'auto' and not 'help' in those cursor 
>> tests.
> Does it matter what the fallback is?

It does not matter much. I have been using 'auto' in my cursor tests 
because it is the default value and it will use the cursor correspondent 
to what the context is (I-beam for text, pointer for link, etc).

>> 8- Like Florian wrote, BOM-UTF-8 should be added
> The UTF-8 BOM is there. I was arguing for removing it a putting the
> meta charset instead. Which do you recommend?

Sorry. I meant to write <meta charset="UTF-8"> was missing and should be 
added ... just like you pointed out .


>> 10- 006   ANI cursor: we already have cursor .ani test in CSS 2.1 test 
>> suite.
> That's a test for animated cursors (which are not mandated by the
> spec, but I expect to be clarifying this with a SHOULD soon), but
> using a GIF, not for the .ani file format that Chris is using (neither
> of which are mentioned in the spec anyway, for now at least).
>  - Florian

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