[css3-ui] basic image cursor tests updated


I have changed tests  cursor-image-001 to cursor-image-009, and
cursor-image-005-nfs, based on review comments.

The following general changes

- meta utf8
- meta flags image, and where appropriate svg and animated
- cursor target area specified in px not em, div not p
- no more nice green grass for the sheep, dry desert instead
 (no green==pass risk)
- assertions now specific to each test, removed from readable text
- pass criteria tightened up

cursor-image-005-nfs now tests for spec behaviour on unsized images
and has additional spec text link (to css3-images)

cursor-image-009 is now explicitly a test for the required fallback

In addition I added three more tests, same as the above except testing

010    GIF
011    GIF with transparency
012    JPEG in JFIF container (ie what everyone means by "JPEG image")

Best regards,
 Chris Lilley, Technical Director, W3C Interaction Domain

Received on Tuesday, 24 March 2015 17:22:14 UTC