Mercurial repository and the resources subrepository

So for some time now the git version of our repository has had the testharness.js code in a subrepository (the 'resources' directory in the root of the repo). However this was not reflected in the mercurial version until the hg-git conversion tool recently started trying to attempt to add the resources subrepository on the Mercurial side.

Unfortunately this wasn't properly initialized on the Mercurial side of things and was causing problems for some Mercurial users (which could be temporarily avoided by deleting the 'resources' line from the .hgsub and .hgsubstate files).

Today I updated the Mercurial repository with the proper initialization so that the 'resources' subrepository should be automatically handled from now on.

Because the 'resources' subrepository is a git repository, this may require some updating for users of the Mercurial repository. 

First, ensure that you have a recent version of Mercurial installed, anything after version 1.8 should work. (Type "hg --version" in a terminal window to check the version.)

Second, ensure that you have git installed on your system. (Type 'git --version' in a terminal window, if you get an error, git is not installed, use your favorite package manager to install git.)

Then simply run 'hg pull -u'  to update your mercurial repository and the 'resources' subrepository should automatically be created. Note that Mercurial users will not have to use or learn git, Mercurial will call git automatically as needed.

From this point forward, is is not necessary to edit the .hgsub or .hgsubstate files yourself, and please don't.


Received on Monday, 30 March 2015 00:23:30 UTC