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Hi Gérard,

(Snipping the points I am not replying to)

> 2-
> pale green: there is no reason to have a background-color here

Having a colored box makes it really obvious what you talk about when you mention it in the test instructions, no? You can do it with just a border, but color seems more obvious to me.

On the other hand, using green is probably a bad idea, as it may suggest to a tired person who's been through a whole bunch of tests already that the test passes, even though that's not what they're supposed to be checking.

> Here's a test that couldn't make it before RC6 in 2011 and that I forgot to submit:
> You could create different "PASS" cursors (same look, same colors) in different formats; that way, people would even be able to anticipate expected results in a serie of tests.

While I like the sheep a lot, I agree that the green box with the word PASS in it is more reliable. If the image gets garbled (and I've seen cursors in some formats get garbled in some browsers), you don't want the tester to have to spend time wondering whether the fuzzy mess they're looking at is what the test author meant by "a sheep".

> 6- The fallback cursor should be 'auto' and not 'help' in those cursor tests.

Does it matter what the fallback is?

> 8- Like Florian wrote, BOM-UTF-8 should be added

The UTF-8 BOM is there. I was arguing for removing it a putting the meta charset instead. Which do you recommend?

> 10- 006   ANI cursor: we already have cursor .ani test in CSS 2.1 test suite.

That's a test for animated cursors (which are not mandated by the spec, but I expect to be clarifying this with a SHOULD soon), but using a GIF, not for the .ani file format that Chris is using (neither of which are mentioned in the spec anyway, for now at least).

 - Florian

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