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TPAC Meeting notes David Burns (Friday, 16 September)

Canceled event with note: WebDriver Bidi Monthly Meeting @ Wed Sep 14, 2022 5pm - 6pm (BST) ( (Monday, 5 September)

Event Invitation: Browser Testing and Tools Working Group David Burns (W3C Calendar) (Monday, 5 September)

Suggesting an in-person working group meeting on the 25th and 26th October in Munich, Germany Michael Hablich (Monday, 29 August)

Meeting Notes from Automation Berlin Summit David Burns (Wednesday, 24 August)

Canceled event: WebDriver Bidi - Editorial Meeting to review PRs @ Wed Aug 24, 2022 5pm - 5:25pm (BST) ( (Tuesday, 23 August)

Invitation: W3C WebDriver - Automation Berlin WG Meeting @ Wed Aug 24, 2022 9am - 3:50pm (BST) ( (Monday, 22 August)

Automation Summit in Berlin [action required from implementors by 9 August] David Burns (Thursday, 4 August)

BiDi working day in Berlin Titus Fortner (Wednesday, 20 July)

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