Re: Suggesting an in-person working group meeting on the 25th and 26th October in Munich, Germany

That would work for us (Google) too AFAIK. Just to be clear: The WG meeting
would be hosted by Mozilla at their office in Berlin, right?


On Tue, Sep 13, 2022 at 6:32 AM Jan Honza Odvarko <>

> Hi,
> As James mentioned, the proposed date in October isn't ideal for us (also)
> since we are planning an internal team workweek in Berlin a month later.
> One option to reduce the amount of traveling for our team would be
> organizing the W3C group meetup as part of our work week at Mozilla office
> in Berlin (week Nov 28 - Dec 2). What do you think? Would that work for you?
> I am in the process of getting approval for organizing the meetup in the
> office, but it’s taking a bit longer (there are some covid-19 related
> restrictions). I should get the response by Thursday/Friday. I’ll keep you
> updated. Apologies for the delay.
> Cheers,
> Honza
> On Fri, Sep 2, 2022 at 5:13 PM Michael Hablich <> wrote:
>> Please keep us updated, in the meantime we are in the process to organize
>> other options.
>> Would be a big conference room with 18 seats be enough?
>> Cheers,
>> Michael
>> James Graham <> schrieb am Fr., 2. Sept. 2022,
>> 16:58:
>>> On 02/09/2022 13:18, Michael Hablich wrote:
>>> > How many people do we expect to attend in person? I will have a hard
>>> > time getting a big meeting space for early November.
>>> I think Mozilla would be interested in attending an in-person meetup,
>>> probably with around 3-5 attendees.
>>> Like Simon and others, the proposed date in October isn't ideal for me
>>> for family reasons.
>>> We also need to check dates against some proposed internal
>>> travel/meetings, so we need a little more time to figure out what would
>>> work well for us.
>>> Apologies for the delay.
>>> James


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