BiDi working day in Berlin


I've messaged some of you privately already, but was asked to announce
it via this mailing group as well.

I'm organizing a Test Automation Summit in Berlin next month to bring
together maintainers of various OSS projects based on Selenium/WebDriver.
Since we'll have a number of Selenium developers present, and because I
know several people in this group live in Germany, I thought we could also
get together in person to discuss and work on BiDi. There has been a
sufficiently positive response that I want to make sure everyone is invited
to join if they'd like.

Sauce Labs plans to host this meeting at our WeWork office in Berlin on
Wednesday, August 24. I'm not sure what it takes to make this meeting
"official" or if that is necessary for people to want to attend.

I do not have a schedule planned, and I'm more than happy to turn that part
over to someone else (David?). From the Selenium side, I'm hoping we can
get a better overview of what things browser vendors are prioritizing to
help us with our roadmap and our communication with our users. There has
also been confusion on the Selenium team as to how we are transitioning
away from the Chrome DevTools specific implementations to the cross-browser
implementations in each of the languages, so we're going to make sure we
get that cleared up. That part probably doesn't need a lot of browser
vendor involvement, though, and I want to make sure everyone is getting the
most out of this opportunity.

At this point I'm expecting to see:
* Henrik Skupin (Mozilla)
* Maksim Sadym (Google)
* Philip J├Ągenstedt (Google)
* Michael Hablich (Google)
* David Burns (Browser Stack)
* Christiann Broman (formerly Sauce Labs)
* Diego Molina (Sauce Labs)

If you'd like to join us, *please let me know*. If we get many more people,
we probably will need to reserve a space at a larger WeWork downtown.

As for the rest of the Summit:
The various project maintainers are going to be discussing our roadmaps
(including how we will be supporting BiDi in our various projects) on
August 25, but this likely won't be of interest to this group. On August
26, though, we're doing coding working sessions for making contributions to
the various projects. If anyone in this group is interested in working on
actual Selenium code, the relevant info and application for that can be
found here:


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