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[admin] draft minutes from today's teleconference 2014-10-08

[admin] Draft minutes Web Annotation F2F Meeting at TPAC 28 Oct 2014

[admin] Please complete Questionnaire regarding availability at TPAC, please respond by Tuesday

[admin] TPAC attendance (please review) and information

[admin] v2 Draft minutes Web Annotation F2F Meeting at TPAC 28 Oct 2014 (Corrected)

[agenda] Web Annotation WG teleconf Agenda (2014-10-15)

[agenda] Web Annotation WG TPAC F2F Agenda (2014-10-28)

[agenda} Web Annotation WG teleconf Agenda (2014-10-01)

[agenda} Web Annotation WG teleconf Agenda (2014-10-08)

[general] Topic Interest Poll

Activity Streams and Annotations

additional provenance draft - PROV-JSON?

anno-ACTION-1: Generate "status quo" proposal issues for style and scope

Call in Details for TPAC

Embedded Content

Examples towards Embedded Body discussion

F2F Logistics

Fwd: TPAC Wi-Fi password

FYI: Annotation API first draft

In preparation to the F2F: Data Model status

Issue 10: Provenance Mapping

ISSUE-10: Can we have a list of agents as the object of oa:annotatedby?

ISSUE-11: Anchoring needs to take into account images of glyphs, such as calligraphic japanese text. there's no offset or text to quote

ISSUE-12: Some letters in html are counted not as 1 letter even though the appearance is one letter. in case we use offset as counter, it might not reach to the expected destination in different systems (non web platform).

ISSUE-13: Need a generic method to relay to annotation clients how to annotate the underlying data, rather than the representation in the browser

ISSUE-1: What do we do with embedded content

ISSUE-2: With semantic tags, how to avoid polluting the space (eg, dbpedia astronomy) with annotations

ISSUE-3: Do we need both composites and lists

ISSUE-4: Do we need signature possibilities to annotations (not in the current oa model)

ISSUE-5: Define roles of actors, e.g. student, teacher etc.

ISSUE-6: Are modules needed? , defer until we really need it with large spec

ISSUE-7: How to validate fragment selectors

ISSUE-8: How to specify language of annotation

ISSUE-9: What are the exact semantics of oa:annotatedby

JSON and Lists

Maximally Abstract Data Model

Meeting minutes, 2014-10-01

Minutes of meeting 2014-10-15...

Role of resources in an Annotation

Summary of 10/28 TPAC f2f meeting

Use cases

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