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[admin] revised draft minutes 2014-11-19

[admin] Welcome to the Web Annotation WG

[agenda] 17 December 2014 Web Annotation WG teleconference

[agenda] Agenda 10 December 2014 Web Annotation WG teleconference

[agenda] revised agenda for 2014-12-03 teleconf

[data model] FPWD of Web Annotation Data Model published


[note] Web Annotation Data Model

[Protocol] Strawperson Principles and Approach

[Use Case] Publisher Provided Information for Target

[Use Cases] Bibliographic Tagging

[Use Cases] Examples from Digital Emblematica

anno-ACTION-2: And ivan to discuss the details of migration offline

anno-ACTION-3: Provide robust anchoring architecture draft on list to give start

Annotating Bibliographic Information

Call for Consensus concluded: publish FPWD of Web Annotation Model with short name annotation-model; respond by 2 December 2014.

Call for Exclusions: Web Annotation Data Model

CFP: Linked Media @ WWW 2015 - The LiME 2015 workshop series


FPWD comment - literals, data types and language tags

Framing Use Cases (was: Annotating Bibliographic Information)

Fwd: Annotation Use cases note published

How multi-URLs and cross-format annotation works in Annotopia

JSON-LD context URI

Meeting minutes, 2014-12-03

Minutes of meeting, 2014-12-17...

Today's call cancelled

use case clarification - cross format annotations

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