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> At Wednesday’s conference call we talked briefly about discovery, which,
> in the annotation context, I would describe loosely as the capability for a
> client to discover annotations for a specified resource (more generally, to
> query those annotation based on search criteria).

I think that this is essential functionality.  If we can't find annotations
for the resource(s) that are being viewed in a standard way, then we'll be
a long way from the interoperable world we all want.  Every client will
only work with their own annotation store, and we'll still be locked into
data silos.

>  I mentioned that without this capability, annotations are of no use to
> me, but I also noted that it is not my intent to impose on this group the
> burden to develop or specify querying mechanisms;

Use cases regarding the sorts of queries that we (as a community) would
find useful seems like an essential first step.  Then we can assess whether
it has already solved the issue for us, if another party is working on it
that we could collaborate with, or if we need to do it ourselves.  The LDP
WG has been discussing search as a new deliverable in their rechartering
process, and given that they have a solid foundation of REST and JSON-LD,
it seems to me like a good route to explore first.

I would like there to be a mechanism whereby when a resource is  annotated
> a notification can be sent to the owner of the resource.

Agreed, and this is useful outside of discovery.   A requirement would be a
method for the publisher to let a client know where those notifications
should be sent.  The activity streams work in Social Web group seems like a
good place to start on this side.

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