RE: [agenda] 17 December 2014 Web Annotation WG teleconference

Regrets from me this week too -- another meeting I can't shift. 
-Tim Cole
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Subject: [agenda] 17 December 2014 Web Annotation WG teleconference

Agenda: Wednesday 17 December 2014 (8:00 Pacific, 11:00 Eastern details below)

1 Agenda Review, Scribe Selection, Announcements

2. Minutes Approval
proposed RESOLUTION: 3rd December 2014 minutes approved:

Note:  No minutes from the cancelled call last week.

3 Using Annotation within Web Annotation WG  [Dan Whaley, Doug Schepers]

Discussion:  Have people tried it yet? Found it useful? What additional features would make our time more productive? Are we splitting the discussion between too many locations (github issues, list, annotations)?

4.  Use cases  [Benjamin Young, Paolo Ciccarese]

Status:  Are we up to date with use case transcription to the wiki?  Do we have enough for analysis yet?
Discussion: How do we encourage more use case submissions?


5 Protocol  [Rob Sanderson]

Discussion:  Pending further use case submissions, can we get started from the strawperson principles and technologies on the list?


6. Other Business

Upcoming meetings :  January 7th

7 Adjourn


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