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problem using with-option Kevin Flynn (Tuesday, 30 June)

option scope question James Sulak (Monday, 29 June)

Bug in Calabash? The input port for p:parameters is (incorrectly) automatically binding to its prior step Costello, Roger L. (Saturday, 27 June)

Why does this pipeline output two c:param-sets? Costello, Roger L. (Saturday, 27 June)

What should happen when you don't try/catch an exception... Philip Fennell (Tuesday, 23 June)

Announce: XML Calabash 0.9.11 Norman Walsh (Monday, 22 June)

A quick query about the 'value' of a p:with-option's select expression. Philip Fennell (Monday, 22 June)

Default value for the 'omit-xml-declaration' serialization option Toman_Vojtech@emc.com (Monday, 22 June)

Implicit output ports and p:declare-step Toman_Vojtech@emc.com (Monday, 22 June)

p:escape-markup ... & changed to ∓ ... why isn't " changed to "? Costello, Roger L. (Friday, 19 June)

Typo in the prose for p:escape-markup Costello, Roger L. (Friday, 19 June)

I ain't got no c:body... Philip Fennell (Friday, 19 June)

Java 1.6? Norman Walsh (Thursday, 18 June)

Standard step library not in sync with the spec Toman_Vojtech@emc.com (Thursday, 18 June)

Standard step library: @name on p:library not allowed Toman_Vojtech@emc.com (Thursday, 18 June)

Building an XML-based Business Rules Management System (BRMS) on top of XProc Costello, Roger L. (Wednesday, 17 June)

[closed] Re: Follow-up question wrt the previous post Norman Walsh (Wednesday, 17 June)

The Zen of pipelines? Costello, Roger L. (Monday, 15 June)

XProc Best Practice: favor XProc primitive steps over XSLT and Schematron? Costello, Roger L. (Monday, 15 June)

Testing serialization options Norman Walsh (Sunday, 14 June)

Does XProc support event-driven processing? Costello, Roger L. (Sunday, 14 June)

What is the mental model of XProc? Costello, Roger L. (Sunday, 14 June)

Recommendation needed: how to provide a user-defined step (pipeline) with a subset of information Costello, Roger L. (Friday, 12 June)

Typo in 4.3 - p:viewport Toman_Vojtech@emc.com (Tuesday, 9 June)

XProc for automated decision support systems (** very cool **) Costello, Roger L. (Monday, 8 June)

Bug with p:add-xml-base? Costello, Roger L. (Saturday, 6 June)

XProc Linkedin Group mozer (Friday, 5 June)

OSUtils Norman Walsh (Thursday, 4 June)

Having problems with p:validate-with-relax-ng and Calabash Philip Fennell (Tuesday, 2 June)

Position available: Programming languages for XML Giuseppe Castagna (Monday, 1 June)

Re: Fileutils James Fuller (Monday, 1 June)

Calabash safe mode? As a web service? Leif Warner (Monday, 1 June)

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