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<send> expressions in example G.1

[SCXML] detailing transition preemption

Adding history states with recorded history

again a bad initial target in the SCXML document example

bad initial target in the SCXML document example

bad state name in the SCXML document example

Bug with deep and shallow history in pseudo-code

Cloud-Based Voice Commands

data id verse assign location

Default target of <send>

Determining When a Machine is Final

Does <send> place events on the internal or external queue?

DOM in _event.data and KVPs

dupplicated word in the SCXML document

Exiting an entire <parallel> due to an external transition

External communication with SCXML

Fallback for LCCA when <scxml> is included

Guarding against infinite loops and other poorly-designed machines

Illegal configuration with history in pseudocode

Implement TCP with scxml compliant state machine


ISSUE-822: Issues with Event I/O Processors [SCXML-LC-Comments]

ISSUE-825: comments from Darmstadt [SCXML-LC-Comments]

ISSUE-826 Re: More Problems with Preemption

ISSUE-826: comments from Gavin Kistner [SCXML-LC-Comments]

ISSUE-827: bug in detecting final states [SCXML-LC-Comments]

ISSUE-828: Unique IDs for Transitions [SCXML-LC-Comments]

ISSUE-829: exiting parallel due to external transition [SCXML-LC-Comments]

ISSUE-830: Bug in transition with target of history state [SCXML-LC-Comments]

ISSUE-831: Should default <send> target be specific to the I/O Processor? [SCXML-LC-Comments]

It would be a lot cooler if:

Link to scxml-strict.xsd points to scxml.xsd

Memory element

more on preemption

More Problems with Preemption

My experience and issues implementing an SCXML Interpreter

On <scxml> not being a <state>

preemption again (sigh...)

Problem with validation schema

proposed new definition of preemption

Reentering child of parallel state leaves all childs?

revised enterStates

revised mainEventLoop

revisiting preemption

Run global <script> before or after <datamodel> initialization?

SCXML test 147: transition contains empty condition

Soliciting Comments from SCXML Users

some tests for SCXML

subscribe does not work

Test152: Foreach with string literal as item?

Transition order

undeclared namespace in the SCXML document example

Unique ids for transitions

use your SCXML examples in my work

wrong tag and missing attribute in the SCXML document example

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