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"Lack of Serialization Primitives & Introspection" issue

"Layering Considerations" issue

"ScriptProcessorNode is Unfit For Purpose" issue

ACTION-791: Redraft proposed "status" section that TAG is suggesting for Polyglot

Article on mobile Javascript performance

DOM, Promises, and licensing

Draft - Screen orientation lock API review

draft June 27th teleconference minutes

Draft minutes of TAG telcon 2013-07-18 now available

Draft Minutes TAG telcon 2013-07-25

Draft WebAudio API review text

Feds tell Web firms to turn over user account passwords

HTTP 2.0: draft-ietf-httpbis-http2-04

Next steps on layering?

Promises - review of use in Network Service Discovery draft?

Script Pre-Loading Proposal on WhatWG

TAG feedback on Web Audio

TAG Special Election Results

URLs in Data Working Draft

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