Re: TAG feedback on Web Audio

Dear all,

Let me start by thanking the TAG for this review. It is great to see the
TAG getting its hands dirty and reviewing several specs in the web
platform for consistency and quality. I am very grateful for the work.

ROC pointed to the following part of the review, which I also find

On 26/07/2013 02:16, "Robert O'Callahan" <> wrote:
>In the discussion of data races, it's not completely clear to me whether
>the current situation (as implemented in Webkit/Blink) is considered by
>the TAG to be "impermissible visible data races". Can you clarify that?

While the issue is obviously controversial in the WG, and the input of the
TAG more than welcome, I feel I have to point back at my earlier message
on the topic:

Language such as “it is impermissible for Web Audio to unilaterally add
visible data races” without any consideration of the probability and
impact of said data races is, IMHO, rather peremptory and thus ultimately
unhelpful in helping our group decide the best course of action.

If the TAG members made this conclusion based on careful analysis of the
problem rather than on the general principle that "data races are bad", I
suggest a pointer to the analysis would be a worthy addition to the review.



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