DOM, Promises, and licensing

Hi Jeff,

We have a problem and I understand that you -- and pretty much nobody else
-- can solve it. That might be mistaken, as might my understanding of the
whole situation, but that's because there's little I can find to outline
the thinking behind the problem: Anne van Kesteren is *not allowed to edit
the W3C DOM spec!?!?*

This despite being employed by a member organization in good standing, his
long service as an even-handed arbiter of technical disputes, and previous
(generally praised) editorship of the DOM spec.

Indeed, it's safe to say that Anne* *is the only editor of the DOM spec who
has poured significant time into the maintenance of the W3C version of the

I understand -- but can find no discussion in public or member space, why
is that? -- that this comes down to Anne *also *editing the DOM spec at the

This leads to the situation in which the most competent, reasonable,
invested person in a core web spec is, through your action, unable to help
evolve it. This might not be fatal for the lack of others doing work in
this area at the W3C, but that's where we're at: blocked on doing
substantive discussion of important new features (currently Promises, soon
Streams) among members who which to use the W3C and functioning WGs to
convene technical work under W3C rules.

This situation is intolerable.

Looking forward to a response at your earliest convenience.


Received on Friday, 12 July 2013 14:02:20 UTC