TAG feedback on Web Audio

Hi everyone,

First, thanks to Olivier for joining us at the last TAG F2F and giving us
an overview of Web Audio and its current state.

At that meeting, the TAG committed to writing up our feedback as a way to
open up the discussion about the web platform architectural implications of
Web Audio. We've got a draft of that now and look forward to working
through the cited issues with you:


A lot of the document consists of open questions which might logically be
turned into bugs to resolve in your process. Some of them are larger and
more cross-cutting. Apologies for lumping them together in cases, and if
you can think of ways our feedback could be structured more constructively,
would love to hear how. The TAG is still getting its feet under it as a
spec-review body, so please assume that error and ham-fisted statements are
ignorance and not malice.


Received on Thursday, 25 July 2013 19:28:12 UTC