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11/11 Arch doc review - miscellaneous comments

2.3 URI Ambiguity

[Agenda] 1 Dec 2003 TAG teleconf (Arch Doc, issues before LC)

[Agenda] 10 Nov 2003 TAG teleconf (Meeting planning, XMLVers ioning-41, Arch Doc update)

[Agenda] 10 Nov 2003 TAG teleconf (Meeting planning, XMLVersioning-41, Arch Doc update)

[Minutes] 10 Nov 2003 TAG teleconf (Meeting planning, XML Versioning)

[Minutes] 24 Nov 2003 TAG teleconf (Action item review)

[Minutes] 3 Nov 2003 TAG teleconf (mtg planning, 3023 status, webarch actions, xml versioning)

[uriMediaType-9] media type registries, HTTP, URNs, crisp, IRIS

Action: Revise QName finding

Arch Doc: 11 November 2003 Editor's Draft

Arch Doc: 28 November 2003 Editor's Draft


Comments on [Editorial Draft] Abstract Component References

comments on TAG deep linking finding

Draft finding "Abstract Component References" published in finding format

Draft revised text for 2.2 on ambiguity/indirect identification

IPsmarx Technologies Inc. Canada

Nemo has been found - one for thekids

Nov. 28th draft last call?

PNG of a web arch diagram in visio format

Qnames in attrs and c14n

Review of 28 Nov draft

Review of Oct. 27 webarch

Review of Rembrance-Day webarch draft

Rough sketch for an I-D (a successor of RFC 3023)

saved wording re liberal/conservative.

Scope of the Web: what protocols are allowed?

some web architecture diagrams and RDF modelling

Summary of TAg activity from 10 Oct to 10 Nov 2003

URI references and links

URI schemes and media types (was Re: Review of Oct. 27 webarch

versioning use case

when HTML, HTTP, and URI specs leak (for 1.2.1 Orthogonality section)


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