Re: Qnames in attrs and c14n

Tim Berners-Lee <> writes:

> Hmmm... either that screws up the use of qnames in attribute values
> even more, which makes any alternative xml-validatable RDF syntax look
> pretty longwinded with URIs,
> or it is a nail in the coffin for c14n, which already has trouble with
> xml:lang and xml:base.

I think we need to look at an addendum to c14n, defining type-aware
c14n, which at least rewrites prefixes in known QName values, and
possibly canonicalises all simple values (e.g (decimal)0000.1000 -> 0.1).

This won't fix XPaths, but will cover many simpler cases, including
RDF (once it gets a sensible transfer syntax :-).

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