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From: Dean Hiller []
Sent: Sat 11/22/2003 10:12 AM
To: Dare Obasanjo
Subject: Re: versioning use case

This is exactly what I mean though.  A company has extended the schema
using "extension", yet I don't want their additional features.  I just
want to validate the base schema is ok.  I can't.  It is all or nothing.
 I have to validate base schema plus the companies additional
elements(their extension), or I can't validate it at all.

[Dare Obasanjo] If the base complex type has a wildcard with processContents="lax" then you can get what you want. 

 The only thing is I think it is much cleaner to do extension.
 It is like OO. 

[Dare Obasanjo] W3C XML Schema isn't like OO, it seems like it is but it isn't. I've gone into this in more detail at 

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