Nov. 28th draft last call?

I'm about to send a long email with the usual raft of editorial 
commentary.  On the downside, there are quite a few items, and most of 
them are at the "drop-dead" level for me, i.e. no last call until 
settled.  However, there are grounds for optimism:

(a) most of them are (I think) pretty uncontroversial, and
(b) I suspect that if 3 other TAG members did an editorial pass at this 
level, they'd come up with a list of things that had a huge degree of 

On the other hand, if 3 other TAG members come in with similarly-long 
substantially-disjoint list, our chances of going for last call are 
pretty well cooked.

So my suggestion is that we plow through these, we have two meetings to 
do it, and make a real try for last call.

By the way, very good editorial work Ian. -Tim

Received on Sunday, 30 November 2003 11:10:17 UTC