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[css3-images] Features Overview

[css3-ui] pointer-events Opacity Threshold (was Re: [css-pointer-events] proposal: opacity threshold (for easy hitmapping))

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Minutes, May 26 2011 SVG WG telcon

Minutes, May 5 2011 SVG WG telcon

minutes, Thursday 19 May 2011 SVG WG telcon

Perspective Projections

proposal for text layout with positioned glyphs, anchoring and bidirectionality

Reusing a subset of SVG in another standard

Si compras en feria, ¡te llevas la cocina!

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SVG Compositing Specification

SVG on Android (was: agenda+ SVG 2 Features and Approach)

terminology question: bitmap accumulation, n-dimensional trace groups, normalized paths [was RE: agenda+ SVG 2 Features and Approach\

text-area-208-t.svg change

textPath, was Re: minutes, Thursday 19 May 2011 SVG WG telcon

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