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Overlaying SVG documents Herzog, Juergen (Wednesday, 31 October)

First Drafts of SVG 1.1 and SVG Mobile; new Test Suite release Chris Lilley (Tuesday, 30 October)

Zooming in on a group of elements Jason Foster (Monday, 29 October)

Are links inside a symbol really discarded ? Philippe Converset (Monday, 29 October)

Groups with non-zero intersections Jason Foster (Sunday, 28 October)

Registration of application/svg+xml Elliotte Rusty Harold (Sunday, 28 October)

HELP - SVG - HTML - UNIX Dean Jackson (Saturday, 27 October)

Missing explanation in SVG 1.0 Specifications Philippe Converset (Friday, 26 October)

vector path operations? Runar Bjarnason (Monday, 22 October)

making instances of animations iztok jeras (Saturday, 20 October)

SVG.pm version 1.12 - first full-blown version - has been released. ronan@roasp.com (Thursday, 18 October)

RE: [svg-developers] Re: Human readable? semantic web and SVG 1.1 /2.0 Arnold, Curt (Wednesday, 17 October)

Human readable? semantic web and SVG 1.1 /2.0 Robert Diblasi (Tuesday, 16 October)

SVG Rec into German Stefan Schumacher (Monday, 15 October)

SVGFEFloodElement and SVGFEImageElement. Blaine Brodie (Thursday, 11 October)

Is there something similar to Batik for javascript? Pramod Jain, INDENT, Inc. (Thursday, 11 October)

embed svg in html Uzma Shaffi (Thursday, 11 October)

embed svg in html Uzma Shaffi (Thursday, 11 October)

Changing the Y axis albert valls (Wednesday, 10 October)

Introducing perl module SVG.pm, now on CPAN Dean Jackson (Sunday, 7 October)

Fwd: [Moderator Action] error in Ecmascript-binding Dean Jackson (Saturday, 6 October)

Patent policy and SVG Dean Jackson (Saturday, 6 October)

my svg-site bluepinguin@gmx.de (Friday, 5 October)

External reference usage? Philippe Converset (Wednesday, 3 October)

test Joost Fleuren (Tuesday, 2 October)

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