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> Hi,
> Unfortunately, SVG works from the top, left hand corner. There are two ways
> to move the axis back to the bottom left hand.
> 1/ translate everyting by defining a transformation and using it in all
> objects and use y = -y
> 2/ calculate all the points.
> 3/ create an svg document and embed it at the position you want using the
> $svg->image() method. For this case, you just need to use y=-y.
> I use option 2 for the line calculator at
> This is the most reliable and fastest option but the most cumbersome.
> Ronan.
Yet another method:

Find the maximum Y value in your drawing. For purposes of this example,
say that the maximum Y is 150.

Enclose your entire drawing in this:

 <g transform="translate(0,150) scale(1,-1)">

	<!-- your graphics here -->

J. David Eisenberg

Received on Wednesday, 10 October 2001 15:35:51 UTC