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Netscape DOES support SVG. Since at least 4.5. I use it at work, and can
render all my pages on NS, as well as Opera.

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  Im not using Netscape Navigator,because it doesnt support svg.
  I have used same <embed > codes just like yours, but its not updating my
svg map dynamically. I have to press "refresh" each time I clicked on any
part of the map.
  <object> code doesnt work in same way.
  can't we just have svg codes in servlets without embeding it first in
html/xhtml?? I mean we can just print out svg, instead of saving it each
time its send to client.Then it may create concurrency problems,if multi
users are accessing same file at same time. Wouldn't it be overwritten then?

  Uzma wrote:

     I stand corrected.
    It may not be your method but your browser giving problems at the client

    I've got the latest version of the plug-in on a machine and an older
version on another. It seems that the new version has a problem with
rendering the svg I generate. That particular SVG is dynamic and has url
links to other documents, and the links show up in the drawing window, but
the rendering does not take place.

    Anybody else having this problem?

    Here is the offending site:

    viewable in IE5 / svgexe beta 2, but not visible in NS4.7 beta 3
(candidate release).

    also, , an html document with static and
dynamic svg in it. Same problem.

    Beware of the <object > tag. Many corporate firewalls block that tag.

    Here is my embed implementation

    <EMBED SRC="images/header.svg"
      NAME="SVG1" width="760" height="100"

    <EMBED SRC=""
      NAME="SVG2" width="760" height="100"

    This seems to be the same implementation as yours

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      Subject: embed svg in html

      Hello ,
      I m using adobe plugin, and internet explorer browser.
      Im emding svg file in my servlets like this:

      out.println("<embed  width=\""+Integer.toString(maxX)+"\"

      this code comes in <body> of the html.

      how can I use OBJECT in it???


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