Missing explanation in SVG 1.0 Specifications

In chapter 19.2.6 (Attributes to control the timing of the animation) of 
the SVG 1.0 Specifications, there is a missing explanation about the "end" 
attribute. The document says "The interpretation of a list of end times is 
detailed below.", but there is actually no details.

It should say the same as in the SMIL document:
"The end value can specify a list of times. This can be used to specify 
multiple "ways" or "rules" to end an element, e.g. if any one of several 
events is raised. A list of times can also define multiple end times that 
can correspond to multiple begin times, allowing the element to play more 
than once (this behavior can be controlled - see also Restarting animations). "

Philippe Converset

Received on Friday, 26 October 2001 11:31:06 UTC