Re: Fwd: [Moderator Action] error in Ecmascript-binding

I don't understand this error report completely. I did a search on 
ecmascript-binding.html and did not find methods open(), write(), writeln() 
or close() anywhere. I also don't see these methods in the Document 
interface for DOM2. Is the expectation that, because the old HTML DOM had 
these methods, then the SVG DOM should have these methods, also?

The SVG 1.0 working group discussed these methods a long time ago and 
decided that developers should use DOM2 Core methods such as 
createElement() to change the document rather than insert new parsable XML 
into the pre-parsed document stream via write() and writeln().

Jon Ferraiolo
SVG 1.0 Editor

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>found a problem in
>about object SVGDocument which should support all document object methods :
>     methods open(), write(), writeln() and close() not supported (for an
>"embed" document at least)
>Is there another way to rewrite dynamically a svgdocument ? (not using asp
>or php I mean).
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