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Correct alignment inheritance behavior for dir="rtl" Matt Wright (Monday, 16 May)

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[css3-background] suggestion of alternate method for drawing shadows ben (Monday, 16 May)

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S.O.S. Kiez! Polizei schlaegt Alarm ij@w3.org (Monday, 16 May)

Du wirst ausspioniert ....! sdeach@adobe.com (Sunday, 15 May)

Auslaenderpolitik ij@w3.org (Sunday, 15 May)

Suggestion for multi-column layout: pseudo-elements? Kelly Miller (Sunday, 15 May)

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Multi-Kulturell = Multi-Kriminell bert@w3.org (Sunday, 15 May)

Property "rotate" Manuel Strehl (Saturday, 14 May)

Re: ECMAScript in CSS aka "Expressions" Ben Curtis (Friday, 13 May)

[CSS21] extra "minus" in section 10.3.5 Boris Zbarsky (Friday, 13 May)

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Re: [offlist] Typo in 5.12.2 The :first-letter pseudo-element Ognyan Kulev (Tuesday, 3 May)

[CSS21] Typo in 5.12.2 The :first-letter pseudo-element Ognyan Kulev (Tuesday, 3 May)

[CSS21] Backslash in uri() Ognyan Kulev (Tuesday, 3 May)

Re: [CSS3] Recommendation for 'text-columns' property Bert Bos (Monday, 2 May)

Horizontal shrink-wrapping of blocks Boris Zbarsky (Monday, 2 May)

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