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Announcement: New XQuery Formal Semantics draft Massimo Marchiori (Tuesday, 26 March)

Latest position on updates in XQuery? Svgdeveloper@aol.com (Sunday, 24 March)

XQuery talk at JavaOne Per Bothner (Monday, 18 March)

ANN: X-Hive releases XQuery implementation Jeroen van Rotterdam (Monday, 18 March)

Updated OpenLink Software XQuery demo URL Graystreak (Tuesday, 12 March)

RE: XQuery Implementations Li Chen (Monday, 11 March)

Casting: Use Cases VS Specs Steve Sullivan (Friday, 8 March)

define views using xquery Chen Ya Bing (Thursday, 21 February)

New Kawa-XQuery release Per Bothner (Tuesday, 19 February)

Combine sub elements in identical elements Chen Yabing (Monday, 18 February)

transform an attribute to an element Chen Ya Bing (Monday, 18 February)

numeric-sequence predicates Howard Katz (Monday, 11 February)

tag variables and wirldcards Karteris Dimitrios (Sunday, 10 February)

Type conversions Martin Tapp (Monday, 28 January)

report writer for XML Tolkin, Steve (Thursday, 24 January)

cursor support Parag Tijare (Thursday, 24 January)

Type Hierarchy TAN Kuan Hui (Thursday, 24 January)

type coercion Dimitris Karteris (Saturday, 19 January)

static typing and computed elements hme@informatik.uni-rostock.de (Thursday, 17 January)

XQuery and Unicode Martin Tapp (Tuesday, 15 January)

Re: couple of spec comments Jonathan Robie (Friday, 11 January)

text searching David Loy (Wednesday, 9 January)

Variables and lifetime of variables in XQuery Frank Wang (Tuesday, 8 January)

hst language binding for XQuery Vadim Draluk (Monday, 7 January)

Schema type info Steve Sullivan (Monday, 7 January)

general path expressions and XQuery Dimitris Karteris (Friday, 4 January)

RE: couple of spec comments Bas de Bakker (Wednesday, 2 January)

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