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24th I18N & Unicode Conference - September 3-5, 2003 - Atlanta,Georgia, USA

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[bidi] Re: BDO example?

_charset_ (was RE: form submission and chars. outside the reper. of ...)


BDO example?

Bidi and framesets

Can servlet know the timezone of the browser?

CFP: IEEE Internet Computing - Internationalizing the Web

Change to FAQ: CSS vs. markup for bidi support

Character encoding interpretation by a text editor


displaying Chinese and Thai characters

faq suggestions

form submission and chars. outside the reper. of ...

Form submission when successful controls contain characters outside the submission character set

Fwd: Re: Mojibake on my Web pages

How to use CSS LANG selector for Marathi language?

I18N-WG Web Services Task Force announces face-to-face meeting

IAB positions with respect ISO royalties, CS

Information on W3C Letter to ISO wrt Licensing Fee Proposal for use of ISO codes

ISO reaffirms free-of-charge use of its country, currency and language codes

Major Enhancements to the Unicode Standard: Enabling International Domain Names, Expanding Worldwide Accessibility, and Reducing the Digital Divide

Mojibake on my Web pages

My details

need help in writing xml file into arabic language

New FAQ: Accept-Language used for locale setting

New FAQ: CSS character encoding declarations

New FAQ: CSS vs. markup for bidi support

New FAQ: Monolingual vs. multilingual Web sites

New FAQ: Script direction and languages

New FAQ: Styling using the lang attribute

New FAQ: Two-letter or three-letter language codes

New Q&A: Are corporate Web sites using Unicode right now?

News: CharMod interim publication; Unicode Tech Note #10, Indic Scripts


RE : That movie

RFC 2045 vs RFC 2231 in HTML 4.01 17.13.4(form)

script faq suggestions

several messages

SoBig.F virus authors are responsible for the annoying spam, not Sun Micro or Netscape

Thank you!

That movie

The fate of Hebrew texts with Hyphen-Minus instead of Maqaf

Unicode Standard version 4.0 published! Conference this week!

Updated http://www.w3.org/International/O-HTTP-charset.html

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what should the charset be in the response to the server

Why is UTF8 not being taken up in Asia Pacific for Public Websites?

Wicked screensaver

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