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Decrypt During Download? Pete Brower (Tuesday, 30 April)

DIV element Jonas Liljegren (Sunday, 30 April)

Alternate source tags? Jim Taylor (Tuesday, 30 April)

windows etc andreas@wni.co.jp (Tuesday, 30 April)

Digressions (was: Footnotes) Francois Stragier (Monday, 29 April)

Scary thought: Web Page Viruses? Paul Derbyshire (Monday, 29 April)

re: FYI Figleaf Kim Carberry (Sunday, 28 April)

Q:Hierarchial/Nested Selection Lists? Chris Josephes (Saturday, 27 April)

fyi Kim Carberry (Friday, 26 April)

Inline code a mistake? Paul Prescod (Friday, 26 April)

Footnotes in HTML Francois Stragier (Friday, 26 April)

LINK element Jonas Liljegren (Wednesday, 24 April)

Did TimBL fulfill a prophecy? :-) Walter Ian Kaye (Wednesday, 24 April)

typo conversions andreas@wni.co.jp (Wednesday, 24 April)

downloadable files kevinh@trico.com (Monday, 22 April)

Why isn't this a newsgroup? Lineaer Algebraiker (Monday, 22 April)

unknown tag andreas@wni.co.jp (Monday, 22 April)

news: vs. nntp://host (was RE: mailto: + parameters?) Foteos Macrides (Monday, 22 April)

Reducing Noise [was Re: Animated Gifs - MouseOver conflicts} Ray Davis (Sunday, 21 April)

Doesn't the ALT field of an image support ä? Heikki Vesalainen (Saturday, 20 April)

your comments rm (Friday, 19 April)

Animated Gifs - MouseOver conflicts rm (Friday, 19 April)

content-based definition of block element? Charles Peyton Taylor (Friday, 19 April)

Describing links -Reply Charles Peyton Taylor (Thursday, 18 April)

Describing links Heikki Vesalainen (Thursday, 18 April)

html-wg mailings (was Re: MATH tags and related issues...) Walter Ian Kaye (Wednesday, 17 April)

Something besides a button to POST? kstarsin@smtpgwy.isinet.com (Wednesday, 17 April)

MATH tags and related issues... Roger Layton (Wednesday, 17 April)

new to HTML, need help (fwd) MegaZone (Tuesday, 16 April)

new to HTML, need help Kim Carberry (Tuesday, 16 April)

Alternative structures Walter Ian Kaye (Tuesday, 16 April)

Form based Uploads Jason T Vincent (Monday, 15 April)

What should I use for centering (DIV or P) (fwd) MegaZone (Monday, 15 April)

What should I use for centering (DIV or P) Heikki Vesalainen (Tuesday, 16 April)

VRML (fwd) MegaZone (Monday, 15 April)

list of MIME types Jason T Vincent (Friday, 12 April)

DEAMON... Christian Gerard (Thursday, 11 April)

List maintainer? HELP! Paul Derbyshire (Thursday, 11 April)

Can anyone spot the bug? Paul Derbyshire (Thursday, 11 April)

RE: AOL and tables Dave Lehning (Wednesday, 10 April)

mailto: + parameters? Michele Bassan (Wednesday, 10 April)

Netscape audio features Paul Prescod (Wednesday, 10 April)

<link rel=present> and <a rel=present> Paul Derbyshire (Wednesday, 10 April)

Determing How User got to m Matthew Lewis (Tuesday, 9 April)

Arrrgh! Mailer Daemon Woes and This List Paul Derbyshire (Tuesday, 9 April)

Tags for peripherial device control... Chris Josephes (Tuesday, 9 April)

VRML Paul Derbyshire (Tuesday, 9 April)

MSIE tags and options Yannick Cadin (Tuesday, 9 April)

frame indexing Christian Gerard (Monday, 8 April)

How one finds www-html (was Re: Tags for peripheral device control) Walter Ian Kaye (Monday, 8 April)

forms in AOL kevinh@trico.com (Monday, 8 April)

Tags for peripheral device control Andy Pearson (Monday, 8 April)

(D'U!!:t8t0](w--&(&g)1<s'i.D*G, ABAB u8231571@cc.nctu.edu.tw (Monday, 8 April)

Re: <insert> and external entity references Daniel W. Connolly (Saturday, 6 April)

FAQs and Facts: making www-html really useful Daniel W. Connolly (Saturday, 6 April)

Re: FONT tag Daniel W. Connolly (Saturday, 6 April)

Re: sgml-lex question Daniel W. Connolly (Saturday, 6 April)

Inserting Audio (summary). Domingo Siliceo (Friday, 5 April)

browsers Penny Hix (Friday, 5 April)

RE: SGML macros using DSSSL expressions -Reply Erik (Wednesday, 3 April)

Latin 2 Drazen Kacar (Wednesday, 3 April)

Problems with src attribute of input type submit Betr. Petra (Tuesday, 2 April)

Inserting audio. Domingo Siliceo (Tuesday, 2 April)

no subject (file transmission) Anders.C.Eriksson@telia.se (Monday, 1 April)

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