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#rdfig log (partial?) for 2003-04-20 (logger bot missing)

[jena-dev] Model output language?

[www-archive] <none>

A DAML+OIL specification of proofs

add "no replies" status to PIT, pls?


cwm et Matrix.rdf

cwm uripath.py bug

cwm.py 1.128 cannot generate circles and arrows diagram example

cwm.py,v 1.128 and lldm test



easter testcase

Explanations and Proof-Language Meeting (Agenda & Logistics)

Explanations and Proof-Language Meeting, Follow-Up

Fwd: Re: Another Comment on Owl Ref {was: Re: Denotation of owl:Class)

Grinding to a halt on Issue 27. (off list)

How Internet Explorer for Windows 6.0 recognizes comments

HTTP binding for WSDL 1.2

issue reports for debian psgml and sgml-data packages

notation 3 (n3) module for emacs

OWL Test Cases

Quick review of paper

RDF and OWL rules

RDF concepts issue

RDFMap and GeoSmushing

Resources and URIs

search feature

Snapshots of Parts 0, 1 and 2

SOAP 1.2 PR Documents


Tutorial for Budapest

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