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My computer uses window`s xp three people use the computer.So that enables each user to have there own file`s and log on as them self`s.I downloaded winmx first and started downloading songs,the completed songs where then stored in my music file.The other two user`s then downloaded winmx and started to download songs.They then went to their music file`s and their complete song`s where not there! when i loged on as me and went to my music file there they where.All the song`s they had downloaded where saved in my music file. How can i get there downloaded music to save into there own music file`s ??? We each have our own screen name as well as i thought this may be the problem but it is not. Can you help?? I look foward to your repy

Received on Sunday, 20 April 2003 12:25:08 UTC