RE: SOAP 1.2 PR Documents

Nope, sounds great!


>As you may have seen from mail from me on the WG list, the 
>spec documents have been updated for PR. I've made the agreed 
>changes, removed diff markup and removed change logs. I've 
>generated snap shots at each stage of the process.
>I think all that needs doing now is the following:
>1.           Update namespace URIs
>2.           Update status/boilerplate for PR
>Does anyone know of anything else that needs doing?
>I'm happy to do #1 for all three parts + schemas docs, I just 
>need to know what URIs we're going to use.
>I'm hoping Yves/Carine can do #2

Received on Friday, 11 April 2003 11:52:45 UTC