Explanations and Proof-Language Meeting, Follow-Up

> Many thanks for the meeting
> http://www.w3.org/2003/04/29/swad/
> and the irc log
> http://www.w3.org/2003/04/29-sw-team-irc

Thanks for posting those.  Thanks again to everyone who participated;
even though we didn't cover the whole agenda, I think we got a long
way given the subject matter and limitations of the medium.

Moving forward, it seems like there are several mostly-separable areas
of work:

  1.  modifications to cwm to output the language/files
  2.  write & publish the step & engine descriptions 
      (perhaps via the ksl registrar, perhaps not...?)
  3.  dialog about modifications to the language, in general; mostly
      RDF-style issues, like adding URIs to nodes
  4.  figure out the content-language issue (KIF, RDF/XML reification, ...)
  5.  (somewhat trivial) some web usability mods to IW Browser (cookies!)

It's not clear to me right now what resources are available at the
W3C/MIT end, but hopefully we'll figure that out soon.

   -- sandro

Received on Tuesday, 29 April 2003 22:46:03 UTC