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25 Sept 2000 minutes

9/11 Meeting

accesskey and tabindex test pages and threads

Amusing (fake) Onion Story about Graphic Design

an accessability tool (fwd)

Are Small Text buttons level 2 compliant

Attaching Semantics to Class (was: open issues)

Call for Papers: New international journal UNIVERSAL ACCESS IN THE INFORMATION SOCIETY

Class use in WAI Guidelines, Checklists and Techniques documents

Comments please on WAVE 2.0

Conformance tool specification

edited bullet in "related deliverables"

Fwd: Re: [WW] Use of Textual Graphics on Web Pages

HCI International 2001

Here's linkin' to ya!

La Bienal de flamenco en elcultural.com

Make $50,000 in 90 Days! Honestly! Here's how..

Meeting monday

Minutes from 11 September 2000 telecon

minutes from 18 sept telecon

Minutes From Sept. 5 Telecon

mission statement

Monday Telecon

next joint meeting with au

open issues

Open issues, next drafts, current issues, etc.

OPTGROUP: 12.3.1

Properties for evaluations

Proposed "plenary" W3C WG session

readability software

Regrets for 9-19 teleconference

Reminder, meeting Tuesday

rfc2html.pl - a text to HTML filter for RFC's

shall we have Oct 2 telecon

side by side text

So, How in the heck have you been?

SVG RDF tool

Technique 1.1.11 - Check A elements for valid text content

Technique 3.4.1 Check document for relative units of measure

Technique 5.5.2 - Check TABLE elements for valid CAPTION element

Technique 9.3.1 Check scripts for logical event handlers

Technique 9.3.1 Logical Event Handlers - was 25 Sept 2000 minutes

Telecon CANCELLED Monday Oct. 2

Textual Images vs. Styled Text, Round Two *ding*

Tool Advisor

XHTML1.1 removes tabindex, accesskey and deprecated elements

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