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"reputation"? Re: Some major edits just checked in.

6.4 and accessibility

ACTION-404 open Propose wording for 7.1 (chrome and UI practices) to weaken requirement to stuff that makes sense in a given context Stephen Farrell 2008-03-26

ACTION-406: Petname burden

ACTION-407 open Refine petname proposal in light of 2008-03-19 call's discussion Tyler Close 2008-03-26

ACTION-421 Re: 6.4 and accessibility

Adobe Systems Inc. has nominated Joe Steele to Web Security Context Working Group

Agenda: WSC WG distributed meeting, Wednesday, 2008-04-02

Agenda: WSC WG distributed meeting, Wednesday, 2008-04-30

Agenda: WSC WG weekly 2008-04-16

Authoring practices on mixed content and unsafe redirects.

Berkeley CISO/CSO study/ &Cornell Scalable Data Distribution Research - Plus April 10 reminder

Interesting article on prompts - MS Vista UAC

ISSUE-117 User Studies Eliminating Faulty Recommendations

ISSUE-134 Let others besides industry define AAC criteria

ISSUE-137 Require Identity Signal whenever URLs are displayed

ISSUE-144 Do we need to specify mixed content in more detail?

ISSUE-145 WhatIsASecurePage not fully incorporated

ISSUE-190 (relaxedpathvalidation): Relaxed Path Validation - optional, recommended? [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-191 (DangerWillRobinson): Name mismatches should be Danger errors [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-192 (ConformanceChrome): Keep Chrome visible if its used for SCI [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-193 (MultiPageChrome): Make multiple web pages chrome section rfc 2119ed [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-194 (SizeMatters): Window sizing a must [wsc-xit]

ISSUE-195 (RestrictPopups): use SHOULD on popup restrictions [wsc-xit]

Meeting record: 2008-03-26

Meeting record: WSC WG weekly 2008-04-02

New editor's draft shuffles sections.

New secure browser developed

Odd/bad sentence in 5.4.1

Oslo f2f agenda planning

Phishing Warning Study

Psychology of Security: April issue of ACM


RFC3280 and/or 3280bis?

Some major edits just checked in. - tls errors

Today! - Monthly Security SCOM meeting 1pmEDT reminder :512-2250-3050; pass-code: 272373#

UPSEC and LEET workshops April 14-15 in SF

WSC Open Action Items

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